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Give Your Business An Unfair Advantage

To be ‘fair’ in sports, you want a level playing field so that no team has an advantage over their competitor.

But in business, you want an unfair advantage over your competitors.

The internet levels the playing field for all businesses so that all competitors in a category can be found quickly with the click of a mouse.

There are primarily three ways to gain unfair advantage on the internet playing field
1.) Offer the lowest price. In other words, have the lowest profit in your field.  This is a never-ending downward race you don’t want to enter.
2.) Compete in the ever-changing SEO (search engine optimization) or online reviews race.
3.) Build a pre-need pre-search preference for your business with a pro-active branding campaign.  Being the business that consumers prefer BEFORE they begin their online search is the only sustainable way to win.

In media, there are basically two types of campaigns: Pro-active or intrusive campaigns that reach and influence consumers before they are ready to buy, and reactive or passive campaigns consumers seek out when they’re ready to buy.

Your business needs both a pro-active media strategy and a reactive media strategy.