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Adapting to the “New” Customer

You know the internet has changed the way that people buy.

According to the latest research, one of the most dramatic changes is the fact that your customers and prospects are shopping at fewer stores than they did in the past. Never before has repeat and referral business been so critical to sustainable success.

According to a survey by PwC, a company specializing in business planning, sustainable growth and performance management, the old four P’s in the marketing mix ( the right product in the right place, at the right price, with the right promotion) are even more important today when customers are patronizing fewer locations.

But experts say the single most important factor in creating repeat and referral business is trust.

“Trust” is defined as: “confidence in a person or thing because of the qualities one perceives in them”. In marketing, that perception becomes your prospects’ reality. Your advertising and your front line people can “create the qualities one perceives in you.”

An ENS Media study revealed that consumers, who search on line, are 45 times more likely to click on a business they have heard about or trust, than they are to click on the website of an unfamiliar business.

In light of this research, your brand and reputation management are more important than ever before.

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