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Exceptional People

Most business owners were exceptional performers in their careers prior to starting their own business.

And many managers were promoted within their organizations because they were exceptional performers as well.

“Exceptional” is defined as “unusually excellent or superior.”  In the reality show that is your business, most of the people you work with won’t be unusual, exceptional or superior. At best, they’ll be “average” people.

By virtue of being “exceptional” many leaders make the mistake of expecting everyone to be exceptional. Of course if everyone performed to the level of exceptional, exceptional would then become the new norm or average.

Many management people have a difficult time coping with average people. They’re asking “Where can I find exceptional people” instead of learning to deal with the hand they’ve been dealt.

So here is the thing. The odds of you leading an entire team of professionals with an exceptional work ethic, exceptional intelligence and exceptional skills are pretty low. That’s why it’s called “exceptional”.

The best managers have learned how to lead average people to accomplish exceptional things.

I’ll wager your stakeholders would be pretty happy, if you could coach your average person to perform just 10% above your industry’s average.  In our Ten Leadership Tactics to Inspire Above-Average Performance, tactic number three is to recognize small improvements in everyone….behaviours which get rewarded do get repeated.

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