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Staff and Strategy

Have you ever gone into a business looking for something you heard advertised but when you asked the staff about it, they looked like a deer caught in the headlights?

How did you feel when the staff couldn’t answer your questions? How do you think the person who couldn’t answer your questions felt?

For any advertising campaign to be successful, you must have staff buy-in for the campaign.

According to Nilofer Merchant, author of ‘The New How: Creating Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy’, the gap between what management and staff know, is often responsible for poor execution. Merchant advocates taking campaign creation out of the manager’s office and bringing people from all parts of the organization together, regardless of level, to think about the company's future. "Engage all of the company, but not after the process, during the process", she says.

Each of our SoundADvice marketing tips are written with one objective in mind; to help you get a higher return on your advertising investment. Achieving staff buy-in for your next ad campaign is certainly one way to achieve that goal.

In our Guide to Building Better Buy-in, Guide #1 is “Involve your key players and staff from the outset. Explain the problems or opportunities as you see them, and discuss their ideas and your proposed strategies with them. Employees who feel like part of the plan will work harder to execute the plan.

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