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Appreciation Marketing can be the highest ROI (return on investment) tool in your marketing tool box.

How do you feel when the cashier hands you your change and simply says, there you go ”as she waves on the next customer in line? A simple culture of customer appreciation that thanks each and every customer can generate more repeat and referral business than any other strategy or tactic you might employ.

The most successful companies actually include Appreciation Marketing in their annual marketing plan to increase their high-profit repeat and referral business.

In our free Appreciation Marketing Tactics, tactic number one is ‘Hire right’. Look for people who genuinely appreciate serving others and have a natural polite tendency to say “thank you”. You can train staff in product knowledge and your systems and processes, but caring and good manners should be a prerequisite for every new hire.

Click here for me to deliver all 14 Appreciation Marketing Tactics to give you low-cost tactics to dramatically increase your repeat and referral business.

P.S. A very heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you for allowing me into your day with our SoundADvice marketing tips. I sincerely hope you find them useful.