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Your Best Sales Presentation

Imagine what would happen to your revenues if you or your sales people could talk to thousands of your prospects face to face every day. Of course, that’s not possible and that’s why advertising was invented. Advertising is merely multiplied salesmanship.

Famed commercial writer and producer, Jeffrey Hedquist of Hedquist Productions,  says, “Advertisers often forget this truism in an effort to be clever, funny, or outrageous.”

While those tactics may capture your prospects’ attention, we often confuse response with results and forget our mission is to convince your prospects to visit your website, call you, refer you or come to your place of business.

“One way to create an effective commercial,” says Jeffrey, “is to listen to and learn from your most effective salespeople. That may be the owner, sales manager, or top salesperson. But these people are on the frontlines listening to, and selling to, your customers every day.”

Your top sellers will often use stories, examples, analogies, comparisons, and case histories as part of the sales process. Listen to how they overcome objections.

Your best salespeople do all the things a good commercial does. They get your prospects’ attention and make their solution relevant to the problems, challenges or opportunities their prospects are experiencing.

I want to hear your best sales peoples’ presentations, and how they answer objections. With absolutely no obligation on your part, I will take notes and work with our creative team to turn your best-selling phrases into ads for you.