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The New Rules of Marketing

Do you know the new rules of marketing? Of course you know that in today’s marketplace you have to differentiate by selling value or die by selling price. And the old rules of having the right product, at the right price, in the right place, with the right promotion and people, still exist; but they are a given and can seldom be your tie-breaking competitive advantage.


The new rules of marketing are all about targeting people instead of consumers. ‘Consumers’ can easily compare your offers, warranties, products and prices online. But increasingly, the big multi-national companies are realizing that part of the ‘value’ they have to sell is their good corporate citizenship. The corporate buzzword today is ‘CSR’ (Corporate Social Responsibility).

CSR addresses the human side of business transactions including everything from ensuring the products they sell don’t come from sweat shops to creating packaging that is recyclable, and from the way a business treats its employees to the causes a business supports and the carbon footprint they leave.

They’re appealing to the human feelings to be the competitive tie-breaker when their products and prices aren’t dramatically different from their competitors’.

The good news is that we have a number of tools that enable local businesses to keep in touch with their local customers’ feelings with much more relevance than huge marketers who have to appeal to a wide range of human concerns on a global scale.
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