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The Human Touch

We named these weekly tips to help grow your business, “SoundADvice” because of the double meaning of the word ‘sound’.

‘Sound’, as an adjective, is defined as sensible, secure, reliable and logically valid and of true premises. The common sense tips we send you about marketing, advertising, and sales do fit this definition.

But as a noun, sound is simply “vibrations traveling through the air which stimulate an organ in the ear to be heard.” And the sound of the human voice as a motivator of human behavior is often underestimated.

Famed author, poet and playwright, Dr. Maya Angelou said, “Words mean more than what is written on paper. It takes a human voice to infuse them with deeper shades of meaning.”

ENS Media Inc. asked 164 sales professionals, “If you had your choice but could only deliver your sales presentation in writing or by using your voice to present your story, which would be more effective?” All but one chose the power of the human voice over the power of the written word.

The human voice is the oldest most persuasive form of communication, with unique powers to help increase your sales.

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