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Reap What You Sow

The word ‘market’ has evolved to have many applications but it originated as a public gathering to buy and sell agricultural products, i.e.; farmer’s market.

In the electronic age ‘market’ is the perfect word for a process that begins with planting seeds through advertising then harvesting demand with online search.

Seth Godin, founder of Yoyodyne, the successful online marketing firm, says “Advertising plants the seed. Search marketing harvests demand, it doesn’t create it.”

Seth goes on to say “Many small businesses believe that they're too small to have an impact on the whole market, so they resort to picking the fruit that's already grown instead of planting their own seeds.”

“Except the answer isn't to poach demand at the last minute.” Says Godin. “The answer is to redefine the market into something much smaller and more manageable. You don't need to persuade everyone that you have a great product; you merely need to persuade one person. And then make it easy for that person to share.”

We partner with our clients to use radio to create demand and preference and internet, social media and search, to inform and share. Our strategy is simple and it works; radio inspires, internet informs.

Wenda Millard, C.O.O., of online advertising firm Media Link quotes a Mercedes Benz exec as saying, "If the only time I show you a Mercedes ad or website is just before you're about to buy a luxury car, I've lost."

Planting and cultivating the right seeds before your prospects have a demand and begin to search online is your best way to build the brand recognition and preference required to grow your business and reap a bountiful harvest online and off.
Click herefor me to deliver the three R’s of Seeding for a Bountiful Harvest in 2013.