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Does Charlie Need the Money?

At age 71, famed Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has contracted a masseuse to help him deal with his back pain during the Stones’ upcoming live performances.

And noted Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards, after more than 50 years of playing guitar, says he’s still “learning” to play guitar. Wow…still learning after 50 years!

Neither Keith nor Charlie have to continue doing concerts. They do it because they want to.

Do your people get up and ‘go to work’ because they have to, or because they want to?

Charlie Watts is motivated to endure back pain doing what he loves, and Keith is motivated to keep on learning new licks even though he’s already renowned as one of the best guitar players in the world.

Managers who try to motivate people who do not already have an inner motivation are climbing an insurmountable mountain. In fact, managers cannot motivate people to perform. Managers can only create an environment in which self-motivated people tap into their inner motivation and reach for the stars… always learning, always doing what others said couldn’t be done.

If you have people on your team who appear to be lazy or aren’t motivated to go the extra mile for your customers, you have to ask yourself two questions;

1.) Do you have the right people on board? Or should you be offering some of them the opportunity to seek a new career?

2.) If you do have the right people on board, what are you doing to create an environment within which they can tap into their inner motivation?

The Stones don’t tour just for the money; the money is simply a measure of appreciation and recognition. On the job, and in concerts, the paycheck is not the goal of motivated performers; it’s only the report card. The pay check says how much you are appreciated and how much your customers (fans) think you are worth.

Recognition and appreciation, in business and in rock concerts, have to be part of the success formula. Without cheers and applause, there is no jumping enthusiastically into the show.

Poking and prodding the unmotivated, a.k.a. ‘lazy’, simply creates resistance. Here’s the bottom line; Behaviors which get rewarded and recognized get repeated.

You know what behaviors are required to succeed in your business. When you start to recognize and appreciate small improvements in those behaviors, rather than focusing on what is not being done, you’ll be surprised how ambitious your team can become.
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