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The Winning Advantage

Advertising messages that contain words like ‘win’ or ‘free’ or ‘no purchase necessary’ can drive unprecedented traffic to your website and to your business.
In the world of competition-bashing, high-pressure sales, and price slashing to compete for market share, your customers and prospects appreciate, and respond to a different approach.
The internet now offers the opportunity for you to add fun, excitement, and entertainment into your marketing mix with online contests and sweepstakes.
In the pre-internet world, the number of participants in your contests was limited because of logistics; coming to your location, only during business hours, searching for your entry forms and so on.
Consumers today can enter your contest with the click of a mouse, 24/7, from the comfort of their own home. Some advantages of online contests include:

Some Examples

Consumers who previously didn’t know that Cheesecake Factory is a 30 year-old company with restaurants in 37 states learned about these facts when they entered their “Ultimate Dining Destination Sweepstakes” because those facts were a big part of the registration process. The prizes for “The Costco 12 Days of Giveaways Sweepstakes” were chosen to showcase hot holiday gift items that people might not have known they could purchase at Costco. After entering the sweepstakes, registrants were directed to a sales page featuring deals on that same merchandise plus dozens of other products. A consumer who was thinking about purchasing these specific products was given a reason to think about purchasing them from Costco. This is how thoughtfully chosen prizes create future customers Click here for me to deliver our Sweepstakes Promotion Checklist to ensure your promotion is legal, and achieves your marketing objectives.