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Think Real Time Marketing

In the pre-internet age, real time marketing was basically face-to-face or on the phone. In that era, it was acceptable to keep a customer on hold on the phone or keep them standing in line waiting for an answer from your salespeople.

The post-internet marketing communications game has not changed, only the names of the players have changed. In addition to live sales people and phone interface, we now have websites, emails, social media and more that also function in real time.

And your prospects and customers expect real time response.

In our Ten Tactics to Improve Your Internet Marketing, tactic number two is ‘Customers demand instant gratification, and always have. Delaying follow-ups and responses to email, social media, and website inquiries is a sure-fire way to drive them to your competition. You’re often better off to NOT use some of these new platforms rather than alienate prospects who expect immediate responses by delaying your response or not following up at all.”

Training and empowering competent people to answer or handle all customer inquiries in an expedient customer-focused manner has always been one of the best ways to endear customers to your brand.

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