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Beware Of the Marketing Paradox

Your advertising has to walk the difficult tightrope of creating expectations that are high enough to attract your customers, yet low enough to allow you to provide an experience that over-delivers on those expectations.
If your advertising creates unrealistically high expectations in your prospects’ minds, it will inevitably lead to disappointment. In fact, if your advertising sounds too good to be true…..well, you know the rest.
You know your customers demand value today. And you may have seen the Value Equation, or how your customers define value, in previous issues of SoundADvice.
Value = your customers’ expectations + or – their actual experience.
Many business’s slogans have become cliché or a paradox in terms. The dictionary defines a paradox as; ‘a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd, but in reality expresses a possible truth’.
Promoting that you’ll exceed customer expectations, for example, paradoxically leaves no room to exceed those expectations.
The treadmill of exceeding customer expectations is a difficult one, but one that you must always be on if you are to create word of mouth or social media followers for more repeat or referral business.
Once you have created an experience that exceeds your customers’ expectations, you have now created a new benchmark of expectations which you again have to try to exceed.
It’s like going to a restaurant that gave you a free mint after the meal. The first time it was a nice little surprise, the second time it was expected, and the third time, they’ll have to give you two mints to exceed your expectations.

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