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The 53% Factor

The term ‘customer satisfaction’ has long been held as the Holy Grail of business success. But we often misunderstand what creates a satisfied customer.

In a recent Corporate Executive Board study of customer loyalty drivers, they discovered that the actual sales experience had more impact than all of the other primary factors combined.

9% -– value-to-price ratio
19% -– company/brand impact
19% -– product and service delivery
53% -– sales experience

Your front line sales staff is responsible for a whopping 53% of customer satisfaction levels!

Yet, it seems many organizations still use ‘the mirror test’, or rely on candidate-produced resumes, to screen
this key ingredient in their marketing mix. The mirror test is the old joke about holding a mirror under the candidate’s nose and if it fogs up, they get the job.

But relying on resumes to hire these key players is no joke. No one is ever as good as they are on their resume and you can’t capture the true picture of a person in a half hour interview!

In our Seven Sins of Recruiting, number five is; ‘Not soliciting the opinions of your current staff’. We recommend engaging your candidate in a one-day job shadowing program.

When you have a candidate that you are serious about, ask them to invest a day with your sales people; generally half a day with one of your senior people and half a day with one of your newer people.

Encourage your candidate to ask your people candid questions about you and your company while they are on the job, and make sure the staff doesn’t sugar coat the day’s agenda. The candidate should see the best and the worst of the career they are soliciting.

And, have your staff ask candid questions of your candidate as well.

Debrief your account executives. They will invariably learn things about the candidate during casual conversation that you could not uncover in a formal interview.

Having your staff involved in this manner also encourages them to embrace and assist your chosen candidate when they come on board.

The candidate may also discover during their job shadowing, that your company culture or the job they’ve applied for is not the fit for them that they had envisioned….better to find out now, rather than after you have invested six months’ salary.

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