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No News is Bad News

Aristotle’s theory that, “the whole is greater than the sum of its part” is especially true when it comes to the impact of using earned, owned and paid media in tandem.

One of the ways to capture earned media is to issue media releases or valid news stories about your business.

Many business owners don’t realize how many traditional and new media outlets are desperately seeking news, information or ‘content’ for their audiences. And still others don’t recognize their ‘news’ when they see it.

Unless your business has gone totally stagnate, you always have ‘news’;

Written from a ‘news angle’ rather than from a self-promotion perspective, you can often get your news published online or in traditional media. At a very minimum, you can certainly publish it on your owned media like your website and emails.

Here is the point. Publicity is valuable and silence can be a death nail for your business. We don’t guarantee your news releases will always be published when you issue them (except on your web or social sites) but we do guarantee they won’t be published if you don’t issue them.

Click here for me to deliver our 19 Ways to Tell Your Story as ‘News’.

PS. Never call a news or media release a ‘press’ release….that’s an old newspaper term that implies the story is meant for a printing press.