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One Plus One Plus One
Can Equal Six

There is a great deal of buzz amongst advertising and marketing types today about the synergies between paid media, owned media and earned media.

‘Paid’ media, of course are the commercials or space you pay for in various media
‘Owned’ media are your newsletters, emails, websites, or any of the marketing communications vehicles that you produce and distribute yourself.

‘Earned’ media are the media exposures you ‘earn’ by doing something newsworthy or ‘buzz-worthy’. Going ‘viral’ online, spreading your story via social media, or achieving traditional or new media news coverage, are all types of earned media.
You have total control over your owned and paid media messages, and while you can’t totally control your earned media exposure, you can manage and influence it.

While you might think of earned or owned media as ‘free, they certainly are not. Paid media investments can be tracked via invoices for spot or space charges. Owned media requires often-hidden expenses in man-hours, software, and expertise, to produce and distribute, and earned media costs include the hours for planning, organizing, writing news releases and managing the buzz.
Aristotle in his study of metaphysics noted that, “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

The multiplier effect of utilizing two or three of these media forms in tandem is always greater than the impact of any one of these media types in isolation….1 + 1 can equal 4, and 1 + 1 + 1 can equal 6 or more in terms of impact, awareness and results.

But many advertisers that use all three types of media, don’t do so with a synergistic strategy. Often their paid and owned media sound or look like traditional advertising, and the message bears no resemblance to the more newsworthy or buzz-worthy content in their earned or owned media.

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