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‘No’ Doesn’t Mean No

If you have reviewed your suppliers co-operative advertising programs and thought they don’t fit your needs, think again. Many manufacturers and suppliers have co-operative advertising (co-op) programs that, at first glance, do not work for you.
Begin by understanding why your suppliers might make co-op funds or marketing subsidies available to you in the first place;

1.) They have a vested interest in your success.

2.) They know advertising and promotion can help you sell more of their products.

3.) They want continued good relationships with you and your company.

Knowing these objectives, you’ll discover that many of your suppliers are willing to break their own co-op rules in your favor to further their relationship with you and to increase their sales.
And even if your suppliers don’t have a recognized co-op program, they’ll often access extraordinary marketing budgets to subsidize your promotional efforts. Many have budgets other than co-op for sampling campaigns, merchandising, contesting, promotions and more, that they can steer your way.
And it’s often simply a case of ‘those who ask for support will get it, those that don’t, won’t.
In our How to Leverage Your Suppliers’ Marketing Muscle, tactic number one is ‘Tender Your Next Ad Campaign’. Present a written proposal for submissions for marketing support from all of your suppliers, outlining your proposed advertising schedule and investment, along with any special displays, promotions, demonstrations or other exposure the winning bidder will receive. Click herefor me to deliver our FREE How To Leverage Your Suppliers’ Marketing Muscle or to help you make a presentation to your suppliers.