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Branding and Search Engines

When your prospects have a need for what you sell, would you rather them Google or search for a list of all of your competitors, or would you rather have them Google your business name?

It is a virtual necessity for all businesses to have their own website in today’s marketplace. Once you have a website, you might think your next quest is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)….the ‘science’ of prospects finding your business ahead of your competitors’ businesses.

But while SEO consultants or the Google AdWords people are trying to sell you the latest technique to get your business to the top of a search page, they are selling your competitors next week on the next generation of SEO advantages. SEO is a never-ending moving target that you cannot consistently hit.

To muddy the SEO water even further, consumers seldom click on the first name at the top of a search engine page.
Recent research from ENS Media Inc. of more than 3,000 consumers reveals that when consumer do search generically rather than searching for your business specifically, they seldom click on the first name at the top of the search engine page. 73.4% click on the first business they are familiar with, have heard of, or have a preference for, before they’ll click on an unknown at the top of the search engine page.

So the ‘race to the top’ is not only futile, it’s fruitless.

There is only one sure-fire Search Engine Optimization methodology. It’s called ‘branding’.

The purpose of branding is to predispose your prospects to your business, creating an awareness and preference for your business while they can still be influenced….that is before they have a need and before they begin their search to fill that need for your products or services.

Your brand is built on a number of platforms; from the way you recruit staff to the way you treat customers, and from the way you advertise to the way you handle crises.

Have you conducted a branding audit lately to determine where your brand stands in the minds of your customers and prospects?

Click here for me to deliver our How to Conduct Your Own Branding Audit.