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A Remote Possibility

The next time you are planning a significant event or promotion, consider the pulling power of live radio remotes.
Live remote broadcasts are one of the most exciting traffic builders you can buy, if….

If you don’t expect your remote to be the event, but use it to promote your event.

All too often advertisers depend on radio personalities, station prizes and the immediacy of live broadcasts to create a successful event when there really is no event at all. When the station’s fans respond to the excitement created by live remotes you should not let them down by having the same merchandizing, prices, offers and environment you always have. Consumers’ enthusiasm for your ‘event’ can quickly fizzle.

In the 12 Ways to Make Remotes Work, tip number four suggests, “Target your prizing. A draw for a trip to Disney World may increase your traffic, but those crowds might not be your target customers and may only be there because they want a trip to Disney World. Every event should be measured NOT by how many attend, but by how many qualified prospects attend or hear about your event. It is always preferable to focus promotions around giving away YOUR product or products related to what you sell rather than promoting someone else’s product.

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