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Your Year End Bonus!

Every year, literally millions of ‘free’ marketing dollars go unspent!
Let me explain. Virtually all of your suppliers have some sort of vendor support or co-op marketing budgets.
As they near year end, most of them have unspent amounts remaining n those budgets.
And those companies’ sales managers do NOT want to see those dollars go unspent because they may not be able to budget for them again next year.
Often at this time of year your suppliers will even reallocate unspent marketing dollars from one product to another or from one market to another.
It’s usually a case of “ask and ye shall receive”.
Your suppliers have a vested interest in your success, and are willing to go beyond their usual co-op programs or vendor support programs as they near year end if their marketing budgets have not been spent.
While their traditional co-op program, for example, might only pay for a percentage of your advertising, some are willing to pay for much higher percentages or even 100% if it helps you sell their products and utilize the budgeted marketing dollars.
Many of them receive their personal bonuses based upon annual sales, and they may need your last minute effort to make their quotas.
In our How to Leverage Your Suppliers’ Marketing Muscle, tactic number one is ‘Tender your next ad campaign’. Present a written proposal for marketing support from all of your suppliers outlining your proposed advertising schedule and investment, along with any special displays, promotions, demonstrations or other exposure they will receive for their investment.

If you’re looking to get back on track with profits in your sights instead of responses, click here for me to deliver our free Guide to Profitable Advertising Tactics.


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