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It’s a ‘Free’ World

It seems the land of marketing is a ‘free’ country.

When Kantar Group; an international research company specializing in analyzing advertising results, asked 2,500 people what encouraged them to buy online, the top two responses had something in common; the word ‘free.’. Free shipping and free returns were the top two responses.

But the appeal of ‘free’ extends far beyond online marketing. Free is a powerful and compelling purchase motivator in virtually every business category.

In our 24 Free Strategies to Increase Sales, one of the strategies is to offer a free ‘buyer's guide’ online or at your location. Consumers today are hungry for knowledge and want to reassure themselves they’ve made the best possible buying decision based upon that knowledge. This tactic can attract new prospects, and guide them to have a preference for the features of the products you sell.

Have you considered what free strategies you might employ to increase your sales? Click here for me to deliver your FREE 24 Free Strategies you can use to increase your sales at little or no cost to you. Many of these free tactics offer the added benefit of creating opportunities to up sell or create more referrals.