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Are You Saying What You Mean?

You may have seen the old movie City Slickers, starring Billy Crystal and Jack Palance, where a group of ad agency executives decide to get rid of their frustrations by spending a working vacation on a dude ranch.

There’s a similar story about a group of big city folks who signed up for a retreat to ‘Fred’s Farm’ where they worked all day in the fields to experience rural life, first hand.

At the end of the day, the exhausted vacationers assembled on Farmer Fred’s front veranda, tired and hungry, and eagerly awaiting the dinner bell.

As they sat on the front porch, they captured the aroma of some good old home cooking coming from the country kitchen as they grew even hungrier.

After some time, Farmer Fred came out of the barn, stepped up to the veranda and announced; “well folks, the duck is ready to eat”.
But Farmer Fred was puzzled by the group’s response.

The weekend farmers rushed into the house expecting a scrumptious duck dinner.

The exasperated farmer followed them in and asked, “What the heck are you fellers doin’?”

You see, when Fred said, “the duck is ready to eat”, he thought his message was clear, “Come on down to the barn, guys, it’s time to feed the duck”. But his city slicker audience thought he was announcing it was time to eat the duck.

Many business owners make a similar mistake; not communicating what they really intended to communicate in their advertising message.

Does your advertising communicate the message you think it does? An outsider’s objective review of your message can often help eliminate confusion in your message.

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