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Selling Is Teaching

There is no denying that your world; every world, has changed. Yet many in the sales world still cling to old or ‘back to basics’ strategies and tactics.

Many still embrace the old ‘A.B.C’s of closing……always be closing’.

By the way, how do you feel about someone who is trying to sell you every time you see them?

Others still cling to old school ‘cold calls’ as the Holy Grail
of selling. But old fashioned cold calls are merely rude interruptions to busy multi-tasking people today. Just think how you feel about that person who called you out of the blue during your family dinner last night to sell you a set of steak knives and I think you’ll agree.

Your customers and prospects have more choices today than ever before. And while choice and competition are the heart of our economic system, countless choices with new products and services arriving daily, have actually created confusion and are bewildering to your customers.

Today, your prospects want a trusted advisor; someone whom they can rely on to guide them through the choices and direct them to the right product for their needs and budget.

They don’t want to be pitched or sold. Today, selling is merely teaching. Teaching your customers why what you have to offer is their best choice.

And in the academic world, there are only two teaching models; one is called the deductive or ‘transmissionist’ teaching model. It is much like the old school selling model where the teacher, or sales person, does all the talking, controls the ‘facts’ and information, and transmits those facts to the customer.

The modern method is called the inductive or ‘guided discovery’ model The Guided Discovery Model creates a number of questions, experiments, field trips and demonstrations to guide the student, or customer, to tap into their own experiences and beliefs to discover their own solutions.

This model has proven itself in the academic world, and now the sales world, to be the most effective teaching model.
Asking questions is the key ingredient to becoming a trusted advisor and ‘teacher’ to help your customers buy so that you don’t have to sell. Everyone likes to buy, while few appreciate being sold.

When customers discover your advantages for themselves, they take ownership of their decisions. The result is less buyer remorse and more repeat and referral business.

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