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Managing the Value Perception ©

By Wayne Ens

The owner of a local candy store couldn’t help but notice the difference in the sales levels between the two identical twin sisters who worked for him.

Both girls looked the same, had the same hours, same location, same product and same price, but one always outsold the other, four-to-one.

When he asked the more successful twin the secret to her success, she said, “It’s easy. When you go to my sister’s counter and order a pound of candy, she piles a great big scoop of candy on the scale in front of you and keeps taking candies away until it gets down to a pound.”

“When you come to my counter,” she went on, “I’ll put a little wee scoop on the scale and watch the customer’s grin grow as I keep adding until I get up to a pound.”

Do you see the difference? In both cases the customer gets exactly 16 ounces of candy for exactly the same price but one sister consistently delighted customers while the other disappointed them.

Contrary to what you might think, your customers do not actually receive value when they buy from you; they perceive value. It’s up to you to enhance that value perception like the more successful twin did.

The return on your advertising investment will be much greater if you can create a value perception that keeps your customers coming back for more.

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