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Waste Versus Wait

You may have heard about the classic ‘marshmallow experiment’ that revealed dramatic differences in the success of those who focused on the future versus those who focused on the present and instant gratification.

A group of four year olds was placed in a room with a marshmallow and given a choice. Their instructor told them they may eat that one marshmallow now, or if they wait until she returns to the room, they will be rewarded with two marshmallows.

Click this link; to view the hilarious video of each kid trying to resist the temptation of eating the lone marshmallow while there is no adult in the room. When those same four year olds were revisited at the age of 18, the ones who resisted the desire for instant gratification and waited for two marshmallows had S.A.T. scores 250 points higher than those who ate the lone marshmallow immediately.

Fourteen years after the initial experiment, those who had focused on the future were discovered to be more self-confident, worked better under pressure, and were notably more successful than their peers who sought instant gratification and ate the single marshmallow.

It is that same human desire for instant gratification that is one of the causes of advertising failure.
There are those who would have you believe that advertising that reaches prospects not yet ‘ready to buy’ your product, is a ‘waste’ and that reaching future customers makes no sense.

But the most successful marketers recognize how to make their ads effective in creating a preference for their business with today’s customers AND tomorrow’s prospects.

When the most successful marketers begin a relationship with a supplier, or with their customers, they do so in the hopes of it being a long-term affair. They make long-term lease commitments, and when they make an offer to a key employee, it’s in the hope that it will result in a long-term commitment.

Most successful businesses have a series of short-term business objectives, without losing sight of their long-term sustainable business plan.

It’s human nature to seek instant gratification, but those who keep their long-term futures in sight will win the race in the long run.
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