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The Three R’s of Marketing

Ahhh, the good old days. In education, the three R’s were Reading ‘Riting’ and ‘Rithmatic’. In advertising, the three R’s were Reach, Repetition and Relevance.

Ahhh, the good old days. Remember them?

That’s when successful marketing often meant your advertising simply had to have the first two R’s (reach and repetition) to be heard above the crowd.

Today there are so many competitors shouting so often, online, on-air and everywhere, louder and more often isn’t enough for your advertising to stand out.

To stand out today, you must move beyond simple awareness, to creating an actual preference for your business. And that preference can only be achieved when the third R; ‘Relevance’, is at the core of your message.

Of course the old rules of reach and repetition still exist, but creating more noise, more often is not enough in and of itself. It’s what you SAY in your advertising that creates a preference for your business in the hearts and minds of your prospects.

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