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Developing a Cult Following for Your Business

The word ‘cult’ often has a negative connotation in news headlines. But the word actually originated from a combination of the French ‘culte’ or to care, and the Latin ‘cultus’; to cultivate. Creating a cult following for your business or your products is definitely a good thing.

The laws of psychographics and demographics dictate that every neighborhood is in effect a cult or has its own unique culture.
Have you noticed the demographic and cultural similarities on your block?

If there is one late model European sports car on your block, the odds are overwhelming there are at least four more on the same street.

If one house in a given neighborhood needs a new roof, most of the houses in that neighborhood will be of the same vintage with that same need. And if there is one family with young preschool children on your block, there will likely be more than one household in your neighborhood with preschool children.

“So what?”, you might ask. In a world of aggressive marketers and stiff competition, it can be difficult to find and attract new customers. Once your advertising has captured a customer from a particular neighborhood, you need to cultivate the trust neighbors have in each other to build your business.

The roofer might knock door-to-door while they are replacing a roof in the neighborhood, promoting why their neighbors chose them to do the work. A preschool day care center might send an invitation to every household on the block to come to an open house endorsed or hosted by a neighbor whose preschooler loves the center.

Trust can be a huge differentiating factor in prospects choosing your business over your competitors. And trust that springs from a testimonial or referral from a neighbor can be a powerful marketing tool….. even if the neighbors have not previously met!

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