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When was the last time you heard anything about Pokémon GO, the once-popular location-based reality game? Pokémon GO took the world by storm on July 6th, 2016, and is already not much more than a distant memory. Businesses with huge marketing departments, like McDonald’s, were able to jump on that bandwagon before it lost momentum. But by the time small and medium-sized businesses tried to get in on the popularity, it had already faded.

While experimenting with evolving new media can pay dividends, betting on staying ahead of the new media curve can be risky. You’ve seen popularity shifts from Search Engine Optimization to MySpace to Twitter, to Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and more.

As you try to figure out the best ‘new media’ for your business in 2017, it will pay to invest in a proven ‘old reliable’ foundation of email and radio.

Cultivating your existing customer database with permission-based email campaigns, and reaching out to expand and build upon that base with intrusive radio advertising will ensure your business remains top of mind as you experiment with evolving new media choices.

A 2016 survey of marketers by the Direct Marketing Association revealed that ‘old-fashioned’ email had the highest return on investment versus other digital marketing formats.


And a long list of surveys by various media research companies reveals that AM and FM radio’s weekly reach remains a strong constant at between 90 to 93% of consumers in spite of a growing list of media alternatives.

There is a reason that marketers like McDonald’s continue to invest in radio while they experiment with new media. They have the resources to measure what works, and what doesn’t, and continue to count on a traditional media base, complimented by digital media.