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The Power of Why

┬áIn Simon Sinek’s brilliant Ted Talk, ‘The Power of Why’, he highlighted the surprisingly simple and manageable formula for inspiring your customers and inspiring your employees.

In his Ted Talk, Sinek pointed out the reasons many people choose Apple. Apple leads with its core values and beliefs in all of its communication to establish a personal connection with their customers. "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it," says Sinek.

Entrepreneurs from Henry Ford, to Bill Gates, to Steve Jobs became billionaires even though their ‘why’ was not focused on creating huge profits. Instead, their business plans focused on creating value for their customers.

Henry Ford’s goal was to make the automobile affordable for average Americans.

Bill Gates’ set out to solve average people’s problems by creating user-friendly software that could be used in small ‘personal’ computers. And Mr. Gates continues his path to creating value today as one of the world’s leading philanthropists.

You can probably spot the salesperson who’s mission it is to earn a commission, versus the sales person who strives to help you make better buying decisions. And you undoubtedly choose the later.