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Reaching New Customers

Your customers prefer to do business with people they feel they can trust. One sure way to reach new people, establish your credentials as a helpful expert in your field, and build that trust is through public speaking.

But don’t let Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, stop you in your tracks.

Even renowned public speaker Warren Buffet suffered from Glossophobia, but he realized the benefits of overcoming that fear at a very early age. He quickly established his brand, and grew his sales, by teaching investment principals to people much older than himself.

Please, before you let Glossophobia kick in, let me share with you what’s in it for you to deliver your story via public speaking?

1.) Researching, preparing, refining and improving the language in your speech will inevitably result in you being more eloquent and focused in your one-on-one discussions with customers and staff.
2.) A person who delivers or teaches a topic is branded as an expert in that topic.
3.) Like all phobias, once you overcome that fear, you dramatically improve your confidence level.

So who could you deliver your address too?

Everyone and anyone. A landscaper might speak to garden clubs, and a grocer might speak to cooking classes. Numerous groups, from service clubs to educational institutions, are looking for luncheon speakers or outside experts to address their members.