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When They Don’t Listen 

Have you ever caught yourself incessantly humming a song either quietly or out loud that you just couldn’t get out of your head?

It might even be a song you don’t particularly like, but you still keep hearing it in your mind.

And here is the funny part…you probably even know the words to that song you don’t like.

How did that happen?

Two forces were at play here;
1.) While you can avoid passive media like print or online, you can’t avoid intrusive media like radio. You can skip reading a message when you’re busy or not interested, but sound penetrates when you’re active, even when you think you are avoiding it.
2.) Music touches the emotions. Music can make you happy or sad but, in either case, what penetrates the heart is indelibly engraved in the mind.

Once you understand the power of emotions penetrating the mind, and the difference between intrusive and passive messaging, you’re well on the way to understanding how to create an effective advertising strategy.

Simply using intrusive media, like radio, to touch the emotions, and passive media, like web or social media pages, to provide more facts and details about you and what your selling will give you a higher return on your advertising investment.