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There is an old proverb that says, “A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes the same mistake again. A wise man surrounds himself with others who have already learned from their mistakes and avoids those mistakes altogether”.

In your pursuit to continually improve your business, we suggest you consider these two growth principles:

1.) None of us is as smart as all of us.

2.) There is always a better way to do what you’re doing.

We recommend establishing your own informal ‘marketing advisory board’ to tap into the experiences and minds of others to continually help you find ‘a better way’ to grow your business.

You can build your marketing advisory board by strategically selecting a creative mind, an analytical mind, a marketing mind, a customer service mind and a sales mind, and inviting them to meet over breakfast once a month.

And these ‘experts’ need not be from your type of business. Henry Ford, for example, got the idea for an auto assembly line after watching the efficiencies of a ‘disassembly line’ in a Chicago meat packing plant.

Comprising your advisory board of members with varied experiences might just help you develop a competitive edge that neither you, nor any of your competitors, have thought of.

Come to your advisory board meeting prepared with an agenda to discuss what you’ve done over the past month and what you plan to do next month. Bring any problems, challenges or new ideas you have and have an open mind as each of your experts make suggestions on how you might do better.

And never criticize the ideas of another. Sincerely look for a lesson in every wisdom they pass on to you.

What’s in it for your advisory board members to participate?
1.) They’ll be honored that you chose them as an expert you trust.
2.) Each of them will also learn from your board as they participate.
3.) They’ll also learn and get ideas from you.
4.) It’s another form of networking for your chosen advisors.
5.) And….they get a free breakfast on you!

To bring even more minds to the table, you might invite different board members each month.

What’s in it for you? There is always a better way….let your advisory board help you find it!

Where would you find them? They might be suppliers, key staff members, or members of the business community whom you respect. Click here if you would like to consider my marketing expertise on your board or for me to recommend some of my professional contacts to invite to your monthly breakfast.