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The Missing Key to Your Success

In traditional marketing courses, the academics suggest there are four ‘P’s’ in the marketing mix; they teach that a sustainable business must have the right Product, at the right Price, in the right Place with the right Promotion.

Now, within that context, try to recall an exceptional experience you had as a customer recently. Was it the product, the price, the place or the promotion that created that experience that converted you to a loyal customer and encouraged you to tell others about that business?

While all four of those marketing ‘P’s’ have to be in alignment to create a satisfied customer, the missing ‘P’, that will put the customer experience at the top, is your People.

And if you think about the worst customer experience you were exposed to, it probably wasn’t just a faulty product, high price, terrible location or a poor promotion that made it terrible, it was probably the way the sales or customer service people treated you.

One of the most powerful, yet often overlooked, ‘P’s’ in your marketing mix can be your people.

So the key to success is often found in the way you treat your people. The way you treat your people will ultimately result in the way your people will treat their jobs and the way they will treat your customers.

Virtually, everyone in your organization, from the janitor to the sales manager, can play a role in customer satisfaction and word of mouth advertising for your business.

Often, when your product, price, and place are perceived to be similar to your competition, it is your promotion and your people that will set you apart.