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Speed Kills

“Speed kills.” That’s what the highway safety folks promote. But did you know you can kill your competition with speed?

You know your customers demand value. And the value equation is simple;

Value = your customers’ expectations of you, + or – your customers’ experience when they do business with you.

According to a Verint study of 18,000 people in July and August 2015, the most high leveraged ‘experience’ you can deliver in your value equation is to deal with your customers quickly.

If you have ever been on hold with a cable company or the department of motor vehicles, you know how alienating slow service can be.


Here is the thing. Bad news travels fast, good news must be promoted. When you don’t deal with your customer requests quickly, they’ll quickly condemn you with online reviews.

When you do deal with them quickly, that’s taken for granted, and given little attention. It’s up to you to aggressively look for and repeatedly promote your good news stories... stories where you created a customer experience that exceeded their expectations