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What Intel’s Layoffs Mean to You

The world’s largest computer chip manufacturer, Intel, has announced the layoff of 12,000 employees. The company’s CEO said the layoffs were the result of the shift from personal computers to mobile devices.

At the same time, Google says smartphone searches now exceed laptop and desktop searches.

In the old desktop world, consumers had more time to ‘research’ with key words like who, what why when and where. In the fast-paced mobile world, searches are shorter and focus more on ‘where.’

Adapting to The Mobile Small Screen

The most effective marketers are adjusting to this change in consumer behavior, reaching out with proactive broadcast advertising to create a pre-need pre-search preference for their brand.

When consumers react to a need by consulting their mobile devices, a lumber store or donut shop, for example, can circumvent their prospects finding their competitors when they ask ‘where is the nearest lumber store’ or ‘where is the nearest donut shop.’

Instead, their proactive on-air campaigns, can persuade consumers to ask their smartphones for a business by name, like “Where is the nearest Home Depot’ or ‘Where is the nearest Dunkin' Donuts?’