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Selling by Seminar
It has been said that “Opportunity is often missed because it comes dressed in overalls and looks too much like work.” Facilitating your own customer seminars fits this definition….they are a lot of work, but can pay huge dividends.

Many intelligent consumers today want more than just the cheapest price. These astute customers are seeking to purchase from an expert; someone they feel they can trust for help and advice.

If you want your business to be perceived as professional or as the helpful experts in a given field, consider organizing or facilitating a seminar on your area of expertise or in a related area. For example, a furniture store might run a home decorating seminar and a garden center might facilitate a landscape design session.

One of the best ways to position you or your business as the helpful experts in a given field is to run seminars related to your field.

While seminars or workshops require extra effort, planning and investment, they produce amazing results for a long list of reasons.

Here are just three:

1. Pre-qualifying prospects. Unlike some other types of promotions such as trip giveaways, everyone who takes time out of their day to attend your seminar or workshop is pre-qualified. They don’t come looking for a sandwich they are seeking help in making purchase decisions in your category.

2. Image and Awareness. Promoting a seminar on a particular topic helps your message stand out from the crowd of ‘buy and save’ hard-sell advertisers. Promoting self-help or informational seminars sends a huge signal about what you stand for and about your level of expertise.

3. Educated consumers can be your best customers. Many professions, products and services suffer from misinformation or misunderstandings. Educating consumers about the benefits of your products and services or how they can use those products and services will help destroy any myths and will also result in them spreading word of mouth about your attributes.

 IMPORTANT: Never judge the success of your seminars by the attendance alone. Judge them by the image they create for your business with the 95% of the market who could not take time to attend a given event.