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Two Brains are Better than One

You have probably heard the human mind is composed of two basic hemispheres; the logical left and the emotional right.
And you may have participated in the debate on which sphere to target with your advertising and marketing.

Some will argue the practical left, the more conscious mind, is the most powerful in making buying decisions. Customer surveys invariably reveal what the left or conscious mind thinks. The left brain searches to save money, review warranty details, location directions and various other facts and figures.

Others will argue that the more subconscious and dreamy right brain unknowingly overrules left brain logic. The powerful subconscious emotions that drive human buying behavior are seldom identified in typical consumer surveys. That whimsical right brain seeks pleasure, fulfilment and the aspirational benefits you offer.

Both arguments have merit, but like so many things in life, the truth is probably in the middle. In a perfect world, your advertising should appeal to logic and emotions.

The most successful ‘frequent flyer’ programs, for example, appeal to both brains. The right brain emotional connection created by recognition and privileges like seat upgrades, expedited check-ins and other special privileges,
can actually be a more powerful motivator than simply saving money through earned miles when all airlines offer similar flyer miles savings.

Today, thanks to technology, you can cost-effectively appeal to both halves of your prospects’ and customers’ minds.
In the old media world the detailed pricing, location directions, product specs and warranty ‘fine print’ sought by the left brain were largely conveyed in print; brochures, catalogues, newspaper ads, coupons etc. And the high cost of pulp and paper production, transportation, printing presses and delivery people to produce and distribute left brain messages limited your ability to invest in powerful right brain media.

Today, the detailed information sought by left brains can be conveyed without those costs. Your website and your email campaigns achieve left brain objectives at virtually no cost.

The powerful strategy of using radio to inspire the dreamy right brain, and internet to inform the logical left brain is a cost-effective media mix every business can afford.…no more compromises; you can reach and influence both brains!

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