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Promotions That Stand Out

When your competitors are all shouting about the same standard events, like Anniversary Sales, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, one way to differentiate your business is to offer the lowest price…but that’s a never-ending downward spiral which can actually hurt your bottom line.

In your quest to create advertising that stands out, consider drawing attention to your business through promotion of unique special days; days that your competitors are unlikely to promote, and days that are so unusual they will capture the attention of your prospects and customers.

Unique special days or themes not only stand out, they can actually be interesting to your target audience and therefore make your ads more memorable. For example, June 14th is ‘National Flag Day’ A campaign offering to give a discount to everyone proudly wearing their national flag pin, and perhaps even offering to give a flag pin to those who don’t have one could help you win the hearts and minds of your customers and prospects. October is National Apple Month.

The health benefits of apples and apple products have been known since medieval times when the phrase; “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, originated. Restaurants could have some fun around an Apple Month promotion with various apple product specials and trivia.

We have long lists of unique promotional opportunities you can tap into, from Mother-In-Law’s Day, to National Fishing Week and Anti-Boredom Month.

There is a special national promotion attached to literally every day of the year. There are also national week and national month recognitions, which present unique promotional opportunities that will get your creative juices flowing as well.