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When Spam Came in a Can

Remember when a mouse was a furry little creature and Spam came in a can?

Words and meanings do change over time. To manage a successful business today, it is imperative to understand the evolving meanings and strategies for branding, promotion, advertising, and marketing.

In the pre-internet world, the term marketing defined a management process that moved a product from concept, to production to distribution to the customer. Typically the four P’s in the marketing mix were selection and development of a ‘Product’, a ‘Price’, a distribution channel or ‘Place’ for customers to buy, and a ‘Promotional’ strategy to persuade prospects to prefer your business over your competitors.

Today, the meaning of marketing has morphed to mean the final pre-sale touch point that is perceived to ‘trigger a sale.’ This trigger can be pulled by your sales people, your website, an email, your advertising or a long list of other marketing tools.

The problem lies in believing that the trigger alone generated the sale and under-estimating the role of the weapons and ammunition without which your ‘trigger’ won’t work.

Those weapons include the branding, promotion, and advertising. And confusing the inter-connected roles of branding versus promotion versus advertising or marketing can cause you to lose sales.