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Don’t Blame it on the Moon

Imagine for a moment that you’re fresh out of college and your best friend sets you up on a blind date.
You have a good time on the blind date, and after a few more dates you take her on a cruise and you have the time of your life.
Then after many more dates, under a romantic full moon, you ask her to marry you. She says, “Yes’ accepts your ring, and the sale is made.

Who gets credit for the sale? The best friend who introduced you? The cruise line? The months of dating and getting to know each other? The full moon? Or, how about the ring?

Human perceptions, relationships and decisions, are seldom based upon one singular event, but rather on a series of events, experiences and influences that form our opinions, biases, and prejudices over time.

Some business owners, however, would make the mistake of giving credit for the sale to the moon or the ring…..that last touch-point in the conversion process.

Today, Google Analytics flogs a ‘Last Interaction Attribution Model’ that gives 100% of the credit for a sale, which they call a ‘conversion,’ to the final clicks that immediately precede the sale.

The Google model would leave out the best friend who introduced you to your wife, the countless dates, good times and the cruise, and give all the credit for the marriage to the moon.

No media single-handedly creates a preference for your business, any more than a ‘last-touch-point’ car salesperson who takes credit for the sale or other last-touch points like coupons or pink gorillas on your roof.

Your most effective marketing funnel will contain a long list of touch points from introduction to dating to influence your prospects long before that last touch point at the moment of decision.

In reality, there is no one ‘single source’ that can take credit for the sale and no single source that can make the sale without the influence of other touch points along the path to conversion.