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Ads That Don’t ‘Advertise’

Ads that don’t sound like ads can work better for you.

Successful companies like Nike actually invests more in placing logos on athletic superstars’ jerseys and hats, than they spend on traditional ads.

And if you’ve ever watched shows like Undercover Boss, you probably thought it was simply a TV program or documentary. Not so! Every company that’s been featured on the show paid to be featured. It’s a one hour infomercial, proven to improve awareness and approval ratings for the featured corporations.

You might have noticed a sponsoring CEO ‘secretly’ observe how the company’s employees treat their customers. During the show, he gets the opportunity to tell the audience how he expects his company’s customers to be treated and what he’s doing to ensure that expectation is met. It’s a powerful selling message under the guise of entertainment and information!

In the media business, that valuable exposure is called ‘product placement’. The power of product placement is that it captures your prospects’ attention by appearing to be programming, rather than an interruption to programming.
Product placement works because;

1.) The content is perceived to be more credible than paid commercials. 2.) The content is often entertaining or informative.
3.) A certain amount of drama can capture the emotional engagement of your prospects.

You may have seen an episode where an undercover president of a featured company uncovered a dedicated employee with a personal problem. At the end of the show, that president has the opportunity to reveal her humanity by providing a solution to the surprised employee.

And guess what happens to that company’s approval rating at that emotional moment? Approval ratings skyrocket because product placement is a powerful advertising platform and emotional engagement is the rocket fuel.
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