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How Digital Marketing Works

Digital marketing works for several reasons:

1.) All of your advertising is designed to drive digital success.
2.) Digital marketing is at the purchase end of the marketing funnel and often gets credit for a campaign’s success without giving credit to the advertising that drove digital traffic.
3.) Digital marketing, for the most part, is preaching to the converted...a relatively easy audience to sell to.

Many businesses make the mistake of cutting what’s working in their media mix and letting digital media coast on the brand and reputation they have built with their advertising.

But coasting only rides in one direction...downward.

The most effective marketers understand the power of all three media types to capture the power of media synergies, and to increase their sales.

Media Synergies:


One of the problems with relying on the converted or your advocates is that growth is limited to their circle of influence, and due to no fault of your own, 20% per year will no longer be advocates.

Changes in lifestyle, geographic moves, marriages, divorces, deaths, births, new competition and a long list of other factors make it necessary to continue to utilize a media mix to build your customer data base.