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The Disruptive World of Digital Media

There is no doubt the world in which you compete is being disrupted by technology.

First it was the internet disrupting yellow pages, than Google overtaking Yahoo, MySpace was disrupted by Twitter, and Twitter has yielded to Facebook. One internet guru this week proclaimed “Now Mobile is completely disrupting digital marketing.”

You certainly don’t want to be left behind as these media disrupt each other faster than a speeding bullet. But as you experiment with each new media and try to stay ahead, you certainly don’t want to put all of your eggs in that fragile and fragmented basket.

Strategically, most online and mobile marketing kicks in after consumers have identified a need for your products and begin to search for, or accept ads for, what you sell. Up to 10% of adults have clicked on an internet ad in the past month, compared to over 90% of adults being influenced by radio every week.

To hedge your bet as you stick your toes into new digital waters, you’ll want to build a strong awareness and preference for your brand before consumers begin their search or before they have a need and begin accepting your mobile or online ads.

With respect to the newest disruption being caused by mobile, you won’t see piles of lap tops by the roadside on garbage day this week, any more than you saw piles of radios thrown out when the internet arrived on the scene in 1984.

While the internet has disrupted all media you that you have to read, like newspaper or yellow pages, the intrusive power of audio media and the emotional power of music and the human voice on radio remain the strong backbone of any successful digital campaign today. to arrange an appointment to discuss how a strategic mix of broadcast to inspire and internet to inform can help you grow you business.