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Help Your Customers Sell Themselves

You’ve probably been to a market where one vendor shouted at you about how much you would save buying his product while another simply gave you a sample to taste.

 The vendor who let you sample his products and let you sell yourself probably won.

The most successful sales people today aren’t pushy or manipulative.

They believe selling is merely teaching their prospects why their product or service offers the best solution. In the academic world, there are basically two teaching models.

One, the deductive or Transmission model is much like the pushy sales person model. It’s all about the teacher trying to transmit their knowledge by lecturing their students.

The second teaching model, known as the inductive or Guided Discovery learning model, is proving to be much more successful. The Guided Discovery method guides students to their own conclusions through a number of questions and experiments.

When you guide your prospects to discover the merits of your products or services for themselves, they take ownership of their solution. The buyer’s remorse that comes from old-fashioned hard-selling disappears when you guide your prospects to sell themselves.