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When 1st Place Doesn't Win

Virtually every business needs an online presence with websites and social media exposure today.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes many forms, but is based upon the premise that the earlier a site is presented in search results, or the higher it ‘ranks’, the more traffic that site will attract.

One of the problems with SEO theory, is that while you are trying to get your web page to come up first in a search, so are your competitors…it’s a never ending battle, and certainly a moving target.

But the major problem is SEO theory itself.

In a national survey conducted by ENS Media Inc, more than 10,000 consumers were asked,  “When you search for a business online, are you more likely to click on the first site listed if you have never heard of it, or are you more likely to click on the first site for a business you have heard of, or are familiar with?”

A full 76.1% of respondents said they would click on the site for a business they had heard of before they would visit the first site their search engine revealed.

Another 18.7 % said they would choose both the business they had heard of, and the one at the top of a search engine page.

Only 5.2% would click exclusively on the first site their search revealed if they had not heard of that business.

Your best assurance, then, of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to have the top Share-of-Mind (SOM) when consumers go to Google or other search engine.

That same ENS Media study revealed 94.5% of internet users choose Google as their search engine. The only way you can be assured your prospect will find you online in the SEO race, is if they search for you by name. S.O.M. is your best S.E.O. (search engine optimization)

Successful marketers today use an integrated media approach to capture Share-of-Mind and establish a pre-need preference for their business in their prospects’ minds, rather than relying on being at the top of a list of competitors.

Internet guru, Seth Godin, says of web presence, “It’s better to be sought than to be found.”