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Direct Mail Works

You are probably wondering why a radio marketing person would promote “Direct Mail Works.”

My job as a radio marketing consultant is to help my advertisers capture the best possible return on their investment, and direct mail can be one of the marketing tools that does give you a return on investment.

These SoundADvice marketing tips are also designed to help advertisers sort through what works, and what doesn’t work, in a rapidly changing media environment.

Direct mail works because it’s, well…’direct.’

Many businesses make the mistake of confusing direct mail, with mass mail. They come back from their industry trade conferences, or after reading a trade article about the power of direct mail and immediately want to spend their money on mass mail.

Direct mail is addressed and delivered directly to a data base that has expressed an interest in your products or given you permission to send offers directly to them.

Mass mail floods the disinterested masses. That’s why it’s also called ‘junk mail.’