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Like Ugly on Ape

Long before the advent of so-called 'social media', the most successful marketers discovered the enormous value of networking.

They became so entrenched with their selected communities that it was difficult for a competitor to break into their inner circles.
Local businesses have a huge advantage over the large cookie cutter box stores or long distance online marketers when it comes to networking.

With a well thought out strategic networking plan, a local business can be all over their 'communities' like ugly on ape! If you're a golfer, you might target the local golf communities or a boater might target the waterfront communities. You might simply choose to be active in a service club for support and network with a local charity or a particular vocation like teachers or firefighters.

The manager at the big chain business down the street can't own those communities because if she does, she'll be so successful head office will promote her and move her to another market, leaving the next manager to start building relationships all over again.
Calculated networking with strategically selected communities, or 'tribes' as the marketing gurus call them, can be one of your most effective and satisfying methods of capturing new business, referrals and positive word of mouth buzz.

And you're not limited to one community. You can plan to have each of your key people build strategically target networks with groups you are not personally networking.

In addition to cultivating existing clubs, you can also start your own club. An auto after-market store can start a classic car club and a fabric store might start a sewing club to win more loyal customers.

In our white paper; Strategies for Productive Networks, we suggest you "ask not what your network can do for you, but what you can do for your network". People in any formal organization or informal group will resent you 'selling' them, but they'll ask to buy from you if you have been an enthusiastic participant in their network.

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