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Selling Your Sellers

You have two important customer groups you must sell to be successful. We define a ‘customer’ as anyone who can make or influence a purchase. Group number one, of course, is your paying customers; the external consumers who buy your products or services.

However, the value of group number two, your staff, is often under-estimated. It is these internal customers who have the greatest impact on your revenues.

Businesses do not deliver good service; people deliver good service. The image of your company and its products is often impacted more by the people who sell, service and deliver those products than it is by the quality of the actual goods and services.

Selling is often simply transference of confidence. If your internal customers are not sold on you, your company and your products, they’ll have a tough time selling your customers.

We suggest you take 60 seconds to calculate the Average Customer Value (ACV) for your external customers and for your internal customers.

Simply divide your total annual revenue by your estimated annual paying customer count to calculate their ACV. Then do the same math for your internal customers, dividing your total annual revenue by the number of people on staff who sell, deliver and administer the business. You’ll find the Average Customer Value of your internal customers always exceeds the ACV of your external customers.

In today’s economy, building the confidence, expertise and morale of your internal customers is crucial to build a sustainable external customer base.