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Your Greatest Asset

 You have probably heard this now-famous business course wisdom,  “Learning faster than the competition may be your only sustainable competitive advantage.”

And Bill Gates says “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”

If these thoughts are correct, then your unhappy customers can be one of your biggest assets.

A study done by Ford Motor Company revealed that an unhappy customer who is turned into a happy customer is twenty times more loyal than a customer who has never been unhappy.

Unhappy customers who are turned into happy customers, can also be your most vocal advocates in social media and online reviews!

Ask yourself this:

Is your staff trained and empowered to turn unhappy customers into happy customers?

 Do you regularly survey your customer satisfaction levels with a view to improving the customer experience at your business?

We know you will get a higher return on every customer our advertising generates if you can keep them happy, spreading word of mouth and keep them coming back for more.