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Imagine a Grumpy Santa

How popular would Santa be without his smile and his Ho,Ho,Ho?

And how famous would the Mona Lisa be had she been painted with a frown instead of that knowing smile?

Studies in neuroscience, anthropology, and psychology all confirm the powerful of influence of smiles.

Telephone solicitors know that their closing ratios actually improve if they smile during their pitch even though the person on the other end of the conversation can’t see their smile. If you can make your customers smile, you are actually more likely to make a sale.

The power of smiling seems to lie in the fact that smiles are often reciprocated. You’ve probably heard the expression “Smile and the world smiles with you.”

Using 3D ultrasound technology, we can now see that developing babies appear to smile, even in the womb. When they're born, babies continue to smile --initially, mostly in their sleep. And even blind babies smile to the sound of the human voice.

Radio is the smile media. From uplifting music, to fun on-air contests and the humorous voice of personalities, we make your customers smile every day. What a great environment in which to tell your story!

A media strategy of using the human voice on radio to inspire customers to search for additional information about you online is proven to improve customer relationships and increase sales.

Click here to read more scientific evidence about the power of a smile. Our marketing funnel also clearly outlines the power of smiles and emotions in buying decisions.

P.S. Do you smile at both of your customer groups? Your external or paying customers, and your internal customers... your staff? And have you given your staff reasons to smile for your external customers?